Strawberry Kiwi Spinach Smoothie

God, I love the winters.

Living in a city like Mumbai, where cotton clothes-sunglasses-sunscreen are the holy trinity for existence, experiencing winters is a pleasure!

Not only do I get to pull out sweaters from old forgotten suitcases, drinking hot coffee & chai by the gallon is perfectly acceptable. You aren’t scorned for carrying around a lip balm everywhere, socks can be worn throughout the day. Cozy is how this entire season makes us feel!

I will prefer not getting into the horrid tails of pulling yourself off the bed on cold winter mornings, but would rather focus on the fact (Something I haven’t been able to get over for the last few weeks) that the local markets are gorgeous. I see happy vegetables, be them bright red chillies or plump sweet potatoes, fresh turmeric or plump pristine white cauliflowers.

I spotted kiwis a few days ago and new I had to work it in the Spinach Smoothie Special!

What better way to have them, if not with strawberries (Also another gift of this blessed season!).

Introducing the antioxidant loaded Strawberry Kiwi Spinach Smoothie!

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Jhaal Muri

One of my significant childhood memories is that of the usual evenings at home.

All through my younger years, I remember running home by 7.30 – 8 PM after my usual fare of evening play with my friends within our colony. My father would come home around the same time on most days. While I was instructed to change and sit down to finish my homework for school the next day, my parents would sit down for a cup of tea and jhaal muri (Spicy Puffed Rice) whilst discussing their day. The TV would be speaking out loud in the background of course.

Since I was never a part of this ritual, I always associated Jhaal Muri as a novelty item. Something I could never get a bowl of myself, but could only sneak a taste from my fathers bowl. And boy, it was always delicious.

Even today, when my mothers makes a bowl of jhaal muri – even though I might dismiss it by justifying that its too boring, a whiff of it always brings me down to my senses and I can’t help but begging for more. The crunch of the muri (Puffed Rice) , the bite of the mustard, the spice from the masala, the soft flesh of boiled potatoes, the saltiness from the peanuts – genius.

So here is our family version of the ubiquitious 2 minute Jhaal Muri

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