Mango Smoothie

As expected, we’ve been let down by the MET department. Monsoon was supposed to arrive in Mumbai by the 1st week of June, which it did, for about one day. But then we suddenly plunged back into sticky annoying heat.

Its been 2 weeks since. At this point of time, I’m praying my best for these overcast skies to linger long enough to successfully bring the onset of monsoon. But up until then, I shall brave the heat and humidity with the mangoes on my side.

Mango season. It ain’t over till it rains.

So making the better of a humid situation, I blitzed up a Mango Smoothie to help savour the last few weeks of the fruit’s existence in our lives this year. Well, and also because smoothies are filling, refreshing and plain gorgeous.

Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie

Serves : 2 people madly in love with mangoes.
Difficulty : Easy Peasy
Preparation Time : 5 minutes.
Cook Time : Nothing


  • 1 cup of Plain Yogurt (Dahi)
  • 1 Mango (The Alphonso works best!)
  • 1/4 cup of Milk
  • 1/2 Vanilla Pod (Optional)
  • Ice

Ingredients for Mango Smoothie

*Carefully avoids giving a justification of why and how she has managed to forgot to add milk in the above photograph because the reason is just that ridiculous*

As with all smoothies, we break out the blender. Let the yogurt and milk go in first.

Yoghurt and Milk for Mango Smoothie

Cut out all the velvety flesh from the mango, as much as you can possibly manage (Here’s how). Add in the chopped mango into the blender.

Mango for Mango Smoothie

If you have a vanilla pod/vanilla bean in your hands, scrape out seeds from half a pod (Here’s how) and throw it in. Vanilla gives a lovely undertone to the mango smoothie, gorgeous if you add some. Equally gorgeous, if you don’t.

vanilla for Mango Smoothie

Lastly, we need some ice.

Dum dum dum dee dee dum dum, Ice Ice Baby!

Mango Smoothie

And in the name of Vanilla Ice, blitz!

Mango Smoothie

In a matter of a minute or two, it’ll all give into this smooth golden yellow sunshine liquid.

Pour it out in a pretty glass, garnish with a few a mint leaves to keep the ‘cool’ going.

Mango Smoothie

Or you could garnish it with a few chopped mangoes (Which I had initially planned. I had chopped some and kept aside. But I’m afraid, that mango did not make it till the end.)

(Yes, those little bits of mango were sweet and delicious. I regret nothing.)

Mango Smoothie

As for this mango smoothie, blitz up a glass today. Enjoy the season while you can. It beats the heat and it helps you enjoy the lovely mangoes of the season in the softest, creamiest, sweetest way possible.

Two birds, one stone my friends.


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