White Hot Chocolate

Winter is long here. But Mumbai is just about starting to feel its chills. For the last week or so, the city has been chattering its teeth, pulling out its jackets, and refusing to take a bath in the early morning.

Fine, maybe I was kidding about the last part. But I’m definitely not kidding about the new lows the thermometer has been reaching. And me being an ardent supporter of the ‘Fight Back the Winter with Books-Blanket-&-Hot Chocolate’ school of thought, I thought it would be good to shake things up a bit and try a few variations of the ever comforting Hot Chocolate.

Ever since the brilliance of White Chocolate Mocha began being discussed over Twitter, the thought of white chocolate has been unable to leave my mind. It kept reminding me of the times when I was a kid of 7, and my dad would reward me with a bar of Milky White every time I agreed to cut my hair cut.

So the most obvious way to go was to brew up some  ever comforting, always delicious White Hot Chocolate.
White Hot Chocolate


White Hot Chocolate

Serves : 1 huge mug.

Difficulty : Easy Peasy. When that MS fellow in Amreeka can make it too, why can’t you?

Preparation Time : Nothing.

Cook Time : 5 minutes



  • 1/3 cup Cream
  • 1 cup Milk
  • 60-70 grams White Chocolate (Milky White works great)
  • 2 drops of Vanilla Extract


Pour in the milk and the cream together in a sauce pan. Whisk it a bit so its uniform. Put it on a medium-low flame.

Milk Cream


Meanwhile, chop up your white chocolate. Sneak in a taste or two when no one is looking.

White Chocolate

When the milk-cream mixture has warmed up after 3-4 minutes, turn off the heat and take it off the gas.
(You’ll know the milk mixture has warmed up when it starts to give off some vapors, and little bubbles begin to form around the edges. Don’t let this get to the boiling stage.)

Drop in the chocolate in the warm milk-cream, and whisk slowly till the chocolate melts completely. This will take less than a minute.

Milk Cream White Chocolate
Once the chocolate has dissolved, just drop in 2 drops of Vanilla Extract for some subtle but gorgeous flavour.
Milk Cream


Whisk once more, and you’re done!

Pour the White Hot Chocolate out in a comforting cup/mug/glass. Garnish with a small pinch of cocoa powder, or some dark chocolate/white chocolate shavings.

White Hot Chocolate
Else if you are feeling fancy, dunk in a chocolate cigar.

White Hot Chocolate
Take that warm sip, and let the world melt around you.

Grab that copy of P.G Wodehouse, wrap that blanket around your legs and enjoy the winter!

White Hot Chocolate

Boy am I glad that the winter is here to stay.



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  1. Kristin says:

    This was fantastic and incredibly easy. I’d definitely say this was the best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted. I swapped the white hot chocolate with a mix of dark and semi-sweet and added a drop of peppermint extract.

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